The Church in Message

Acts 5:41-42

by Eric Mock

The local church is a people consumed with the message of Jesus as the Christ. This is not the result of a Sunday-only faith, but a life lived out in daily, public, and private proclamation of Jesus.

The Church in Heart

Acts 4:32-33

by Eric Mock

The local church is a body of followers of Jesus Christ who are unified in love, mission, and care for one another in proclaiming the name of Jesus to all who will believe.

The Church in Identity

Acts 2:38-39

by Eric Mock

The local church is identified as those who have cast off the love of self and this world, and turned in faith to love Christ and others; those whom God has called to Himself and now who walk by the Spirit in obedience to Him and in love.

The Compass

John 16:33

by Eric Mock

Suffering and hardship are a reality in this world. But stand courageously, for in Jesus we have peace in this world and a certain hope.

The Church in Worship

John 4:23-24

by Eric Johnson

Worship is about ascribing worth to God in all that we do - both individually and corporately - such that God is glorified, the Church is edified, and the gospel is magnified for the world to see.

Hitch Your Joy to the Right Hope

John 16:16-24

by Eric Mock

Real and enduring joy is rooted in certain hope. Sorrow and suffering are turned into joy, not through problems being solved in this world, rather through hitching your hope on the promises of God and on Jesus.

The Spirit's Guidance

John 16:12-15

by Eric Johnson

The Spirit of truth, under the authority of the Father and the Son, uniquely guided the disciples of Jesus Christ into all the truth, such that we now have the infallible truth of God in our Bibles. Rather than looking outside the Bible for truth, or seeking to alter the truth, we should look to the Spirit's guidance, that he might illuminate the glorious truth of Jesus Christ in our hearts and minds as we read his Word.

Our Helper He Amid the Flood

John 15:26-27

by Eric Johnson

In John 15 and 16, we are warned of the inevitable hatred and persecution that accompanies the life of the Christian. In the midst of these warnings, however, Jesus points us to the Divine Helper who bears witness about Jesus both to us and through us, and who strengthens us to live all to the glory of God even when it hurts.

Being Hated and Rejected Like Jesus

John 15:18-25

by Eric Mock

In contrast to the greatest love, Christ also brings out the greatest hate. There is no greater hate than the rejection and hate of Jesus, for He stands in opposition to the desires of this world. Therefore, believers who openly declare Christ in their actions and words can expect rejection and hatred.

Loving and Living Like Jesus

John 15:12-17

by Eric Mock

The greatest love of all, a love that followers of Christ are called upon to show, is the love that Jesus showed in laying down His life to see people set right with God through the Gospel.

For Apart From Me You Can Do Nothing

John 15:1-8

by Jaymes Holloway

That Your Joy May Be Full

John 15:9-11

by Jonathan Huhta